We offer a fertilization program which includes 3 applications of our custom blended fertilizer to give your lawn a lush healthy appearance. Applications are made in spring, summer, and fall. Fertilizer blends vary based on time of season and lawn quality.

lawn aeration


We provide aeration services which means using a machine to pull 1” cores of compacted soil from your lawn over the entire lawn surface. This process alleviates compaction in the soil, improves water retention, fertilizer absorption, and allows thicker and denser grass blade and root development. The result is a healthy, more draught tolerant lawn with a much improved quality of grass.

lawn liming


Based on a soil test or physical examination it can easily be determined if your lawn requires a Ph adjustment. Atlantic Canada soil are by nature acidic so it is almost a given that lawns should receive an application of lime yearly no adjust or maintain the proper Ph balance. We can test your soil and advise you on the proper amount to be applied. Lime allows improved fertilizer absorption and by the root system of the grass.