stump grinder

We offer full removal of any stump. With our grinder we take the stump 4” below grade level, install new topsoil and new sod to leave behind no trace of the stump.

Homeowners who have had a tree cut down on their property often find themselves with the left behind tree stump to contend with.  Stumps left behind from tree cutting can be variously described as unsightly, taking up valuable gardening space, and even hazardous!
We’ve got all the tools necessary for your job – we have the experience, the know-how, we use the proper safety precautions and we love our work, and our results prove it.

Why Grind Stumps?

  • Eliminate Unsightly Appearance.
  • Remove Trip Hazards.
  • Eliminate Possible Lawn Mower Damage.
  • Eliminate Pest Harborage (a decaying stump provides protection for fire ants, roaches, termites, ground hornets and snakes).

Stump Grinding: Before & After

  1. stump-before
  2. stump-after2_k7x1