You can work with one of our arborists to carefully prune and care for your trees of any size to ensure proper structure of the tree, be sure it is not a hazard to you or your neighbors. We can also clear service lines, roofs, or property borders of overgrown or intrusive limbs. Overhanging trees can be very detrimental to your shingle lifespan of your roof, service/power lines to your home, and your homes exterior structure. A well pruned, maintained tree will have a much longer life span, be much more visually appealing, and ensure there is no hazard to you or your neighbors due to falling limbs or tree failure.

We also offer a full tree removal service to help you ensure the long term growth and beauty of your property with the help of one of our arborists. We are fully certified to work around power lines (the only company in Cape Breton to do so), insured, and have over 20 years in the tree care business. We can handle any size tree with one of our 2 boom trucks and quickly remove all debris from your property with our chippers. We are also available for consultation on tree health or hazard assessment.