Your landscaping and tree service professionals.



Mowing and Lawn Care

We provide regular mowing and snipping on all lawn sizes to suite your property needs. Put your mind at ease knowing your lawn will always look its best with AMD.

Flower Bed Care

At AMD we have experienced horticulturalists and gardeners that will provide you with the upmost care for your grounds. Our experienced crew will carefully remove weeds, prune your plants and trim your shrubs. We would love to assist you in making sure your property is beautiful all while flourishing and growing at its full potential. 

Fertilizing & Aerating

We are able to provide you with application of appropriate fertilizers to your lawn up to three times each season to optimize growth and appearance.  Specialized equipment is available to aearate, dethatch, topdress and overseed your lawn to maintain its thick and lush appearance. Hydroseeding is also available for your lawn to thrive at its full potential.

Soil Test

Are you unsure of what your lawn needs? We are able to collect soil samples for scientific testing to break down the missing nutrients for your specific lawns needs.  From those tests we are able to apply the appropriate fertilizers that will optimize your lawns growth.

Tree Services

We have a whole crew of arborists dedicated to all your tree care needs.


We can provide the necessary pruning on hedges, trees and other plant material needed for aesthetics as well as functionality.